Youth Focus

Educated youth in North-Eastern parts of India have developed a sense of insecurity due to lack of job space in the region. Many educated and ambitious youth are forced to move to different parts of the country for want of job and better career prospects. The ill-effects of unemployment have been a cause of worry and calls for serious attention. The feeling of alienation and neglect is felt by the youth, as they have to confront difficult situations once they complete their education. In most states of North East, there are few private companies and enterprises, which could have otherwise generated employment. The space in the government sector is also very poor that has aggravated the situation. This calls for serious attention for investment in private business enterprises in sectors like tourism, hospitality, agriculture and other allied sectors, where the youth can be employed. Unemployment scenario has induced a state of hopelessness amongst the youth.

There is no direction for them, hence an ambitious policy to win over the minds of the youth is one of the topmost priority of NPP, which envisages empowering the youth with different business and livelihood opportunities linked to the rich natural resources of the region. Our Universities and Institutions have successfully provided degrees to a vast number of students. However, they have failed to make them employable. For instance, most agriculture, horticulture and veterinary graduates among others look for government sector jobs and fail to realise that there are potential for private enterprises. The priority of our party will be to engage educated youth and professionals to harness on the opportunities, which is ample in the region. There is a need to push and leverage our youth with a positive mindset so that they can look beyond government sector and engage in activities, which will make them employable as well as make them entrepreneurs by way of which they would create jobs for many others as well.