Climate change poses a real challenge to our society, our economy and our national security. We are committed to combat climate change, which affect our children, our future and us. We are committed to promote clean and sustainable energy and provide alternative livelihood opportunities to our people, particular those dependent on jhum and other forms of traditional agricultural practices, which poses threat to our ecosystem. Our endeavour will be to mitigate climate change and protect the rich natural resources, and ensure that the quality of our air, water, and land for current and future generations.

From investing in clean energy to protecting our ecosystems, NPP as a party is working to address the biggest environmental challenges, paving the way to a sustainable India. India a signatory to the historic Paris Agreement and has an onus and responsibility to shoulder. There is an urgent need to protect our planet for future generation and we feel that our people have to be sensitized, so that each one of us is able to contribute and reduce their carbon footprints.