Women Centric Issues

Gender parity in India has always been a focus for the party. We believe in the principle of equal pay for equal work when it comes to empowerment through employment. Gender justice in terms of not only women’s rights but also being inclusive of gender identities and recognition of such has been something NPP believes in advocating for. We as a party believe in being sensitive to the unique needs of the women when it comes to healthcare, education, decent work, political and economic participation and decision-making.

NPP strongly advocates for ease of access to legal services and encourages psychosocial support for victims of sexual and gender violence. We believe that women and gender minorities should be given special attention in order to become a truly democratic and equitable nation. Empowerment through employment and skill enhancement by way of cultivating their own traditional knowledge systems is something NPP believes in. We as a party believe that women’s role in developing and shaping a nation is crucial. And therefore, we would strive to work for gender justice in all areas concerned.