Agriculture and Logistics

Agriculture sector is vital to human existence and food security. As per studies and estimates, approximately 36 per cent of the people of North East are below the poverty line. Several studies have shown that those who live below the poverty line are unable to buy enough food. In almost all the states of North East, the availability of all the food items taken together are much below the standard as recommended for a healthy life. A natural corollary of this situation is widespread nutrition deficiency. The situation speaks volumes on the urgent need to ensure food security to the people. The emerging global trend revolves on sustainable agricultural practice as a means of livelihood. It is in this context that the National People’s Party would lay its importance and thrust on the indigenous agricultural practices, which are climate friendly and also replicate ideas and scientific interventions to boost agriculture. There is huge advancement in agriculture sector, however, a lot of intervention is required to link our producers and farmers of different agri-horti and allied sectors to the market.

In most North Eastern states, the agricultural produces are organic by nature and are sold in the nearest market directly from the farm. There is a need to create hope amongst our farmers, so that they are able to innovate their agriculture products and add value, which will result in better returns. There is also a need to tag and brand our farm produces, which would create stories of our products regionally, nationally and globally. Our commitment is very clear that agriculture sector would be an important area to propel development and ensure economic stability and food security. The core area of intervention will be – (a) Agriculture and Environment; (b) Animal Husbandry and Fishery; (c) Food Technology and Balancing Agricultural output; and (d) Marketing linkage and Economic Stability.